The Sexiest Photos of all Time...

There are pictures and then there are photographs. The magazine that has always known the difference is LIFE. In honor of it's 75th year, LIFE Magazine has published what it considers to be the sexiest LIFE photos of all time. I always love sifting through lists like this because I'm curious as to what the editors consider "sexy." Of course, there are some classics in here - Marylin Monroe, a toned and flirtatious Jane Fonda and a scantily clad Raquel Welch - all obvious picks. What surprised me was the number of candid shots that, at first glance, don't seem like they belong. A bruised and battered Clint Eastwood and an exhausted Faye Dunaway jump to mind. One thing that they all share is an inherent sense of honesty. Posed shots always look posed. Candids give us a glimpse into an unscripted moment. There's a sense of realism that puts us in touch with the subject in a much more personal way.

What do you think? Take a look for yourself at this very diverse and enjoyable collection of great photography.

Shoot first,