C300, Meet the Redrock Micro ultraCage | blue

Photo by Mitch, Planet5D.com

Mitch runs a pretty tight ship over at Planet5D So you can be sure that he doesn't miss much. That's why he's always my go to for the latest and most up to speed intel coming out of the DSLR world. He really caught my attention this morning with his post on Red Rock Micro's latest rig, the Redrock Micro ultraCage | blue.

Anyone with a heartbeat has been drooling over the metal beast that is the new Canon C300 for months now. That beast is going to need a cage and if history is any guide, that cage won't come cheap. But hey, what's a few grand more to pimp out your shiny new $20,000 camera? Besides, you didn't need that new car anyway. Head over to Planet5D for more info.

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